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Welcome To Harrell Land!

Beginning in August, 2006, balancing rigor and creativity, this three-year middle school experience was designed to enrich students' knowledge of humanities, art, literature, logic, philosophy, vocabulary and word studies, creative writing and thinking, poetry, drama, life-skills, and other areas that catch our attention during the year.

Students engage in a number of on-going interactive projects during their stay in HarrellLand and learn how to develop a strong work ethic and responsibility for producing their best work (which often requires re-visioning and revision) and for developing team work and rapport with one another.

Although guidelines are given for each project and activity, a great deal of freedom is allowed students in designing their personal work products. Thinking outside the box is encouraged. The curriculum is designed to build each year on what has previously been studied, so a three-year stay in HarrellLand is encouraged. Entering “mid-stream” can happen, but some additional time must be devoted to catching up. I am "on call”every day to help students.

By navigating this web site, you can become familiar with the general guidelines for the program, the long term projects for all grades (Wanna Piece of Me and the Antholio), and the curriculum and student work for each grade level. The Literary Landscape is another major undertaking of the enrichment students, and field trips play an ever-expanding part of our experience. Examples of these activities are available for perusal.

Many class handouts and guide sheets are available for download as well.

In May of each school year our literary art magazine, Making Waves, will be published and selections from it will be available on this website. Online publishing of the complete magazine is not feasable because it contains many tip-ins, pop-ups and interactive spreads. Instead, we'll present each year's cover and several sample spreads.

Click here for samples from Making Waves 2008
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Click here for samples from Making Waves 2011
Click here for samples from Making Waves 2012
Click here for samples from Making Waves 2013
Click here for samples from Making Waves 2014

Click here to read what the Gainesville Sun has to say about Making Waves.

Also make sure to check out our "Literary Landscape" gallery by clicking here

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General Information

Below are handouts and guidelines you will need throughout your stay in Harrellland (and beyond too!)

Learning Styles

Below are links to various resources to help you discover how you think and learn. Begin with the Learning Styles Assessment, a powerpoint presentation by Sarah Wichterman. If you have trouble opening any of these links you may print the backup documents which are on the class page in the Learning Styles folder.

Reading Guides

Writing Guides


Below are links and handouts to enhance your study of poetry.

Cool Links

Below are links to teach, inspire, and help with projects and activities.


Below are links to various resources to help students with projects related to speech.